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Just CMS 1500 Forms Shipping Policy
Shipping for all CMS 1500 forms products.
We will ship any CMS 1500 form product off our Just CMS 1500 Forms website using UPS Ground or equivalent anywhere in the United States. We also offer expedited shipping as part of the checkout process. Thank you for shopping online with us at Just CMS 1500 Forms! 
How do I find out the shipping charge before I purchase my CMS 1500 forms?
It's simple to find out how much the shipping charges will be for your CMS 1500 forms products. Simply put all of your items in your cart, and when you are viewing your shopping cart - scroll down to the Shipping Calculator and enter your zip code. The rates reflected here will be representative of Commercial shipping rates. If you are shipping to a Residential area as classified by UPS, your rates will be a couple of dollars higher. You can always call us at 866-900-5175 to find out your shipping charges as well.
For Hawaii or Alaska customers:
While we offer Priority Mail as an option, we cannot guarantee USPS Priority Mail delivery as they do not have an adequate tracking process in place. You can calculate your shipping charges online. The rates displayed on our All Laser Products page are not representative of Hawaii or Alaska shipping charges. To calculate AK or HI shipping rates, please follow the link to Hawaii or Alaska Customers in the right hand links on our site. Please call or email for shipping rates.
For Shipments to Non-Continental US Areas:
All-inclusive shipping is not honored when shipping to outlying US areas. Any additional shipping charges incurred in order to fullfill orders placed online will be charged to the credit card used during checkout (we will notify you of the additional charge via email to the email address provided during checkout). Please email us if you would like to verify your shipping charges prior to ordering.
Residential or Commercial?
UPS classifies a business as commercial if they are zoned commercial and have a door open to the public. That is the guideline we use here at justcms1500forms.com. If you enter in a Company name but are not classified as a commercial location, there may be an additional $3.50 shipping charge added to your credit card for the difference in commercial and residential shipping if charges are incurred by us from UPS for your order without further notice. Questions? Call us at 866-900-5175.

Holiday Schedule
We respect the National Holiday calendar, so when there is a National Holiday, chances are, we are observing it.

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